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Zodiac Aquarius Card

Zodiac Aquarius Card

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Welcome to my Zodiac Series.
Here we have an independent, energetic, intellectual deep thinker. This Water Bearer can see without prejudice, on both sides of a situation which makes them people who can easily solve problems. Although they can also runaway from showing their emotions, and can be a little temperamental.

A Q U A R I U S 

  • In my illustration you will find Aquarius has two ruling planets - Uranus and Saturn.
  • Amethyst as their birth stone. 
  • Air as their element.
  • Orchids are their flower.
  • Date range: January 20 - February 18
    I have left the dates off for the cards.

All cards have been designed and printed in NSW on 300gsm Premium Embossed Linen. 

They come with an eco friendly C6 sized envelope 114 x 162mm.
Which is 100% recycled and Australian made.
I also place each card in a BOPP recyclable cellophane sleeveSymbol Resin Code 5 PP.svg

Also available as an
Inspirational Art Print and Bookmark

If you are after multiple cards, please leave a comment at checkout regarding which cards you desire.

All artwork and concept is © to Foxytrot.
No unauthorised reproduction is strictly permitted.

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