A little About the Artist

Brooke Lucy Gill is an Artist, Illustrator and a Designer coming from a background in animation. Feeling extremely proud to of had the opportunity to work at Disney Studio in Sydney along side many other creative individuals in departments such as In-betweening and Clean Up. After the studio's closure in Sydney, Brooke launched herself into the Boutique Market Scene selling at local markets. Originally her product was handmade wearable pieces of clothing for little people. But after coming to a cross road she rediscovered her drawing capabilities and found the world of Instagram and the drawing challenge called "Inktober" {the aim is to draw one Ink illustration per day for the month of October } .......... and after completing all 31 drawings to the theme of "Free Spirit", she had not only improved her drawing capabilities but somehow unlocked her inner free spirit.

With the support of her friends and family, she was persuaded to "do" something with all of her drawings.
Thus "Foxytrot" was born.
A beautiful, inspiring, motivational brand that uplifts you and makes you FEEL something inside. 
Brooke's aim is not only to create stunning intricate illustrations with such depth and emotion, but to put a meaning to each piece and motivate the viewer. 

She has two free spirited children, a husband whom she stole from the UK and a loyal Lagotto (puppy dog) who looks like Chewbacca.

Brooke works super hard at local markets around the Sutherland Shire, South Coast, Camden and everywhere in-between! 
Market life is extremely tiring and hard work (as she loves to bring everything but the kitchen sink as props!!). But it gives Brooke the opportunity to meet her local community and supportive customers that have followed her journey from the very beginning.

Feel free to follow her journey on Instagram & Facebook.
Brooke is continuously drawing new artworks all the time as it's her medicine, her "reset button", her outlet to maintaining a healthy mind in this fast paced world called "life".

Written in 3rd person, but really it's just me rambling on about myself!!!