Small But Fierce Inspirational Bookmark

Small But Fierce Inspirational Bookmark

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All my illustrations have a meaning and a purpose.
I hope that they inspire others and what better way than through a Bookmark.
I like to think of them as Inspirational Bookmarks.
This particular illustration represents all the girls and women out there regardless of age. 
We are your sister, your mother, your Aunty, your friend.
We are strong and we WILL do great things.

"I may be small but I am fierce".

All Bookmarks have been printed 
on 300gsm Embossed Linen. 

My signature "Small but Fierce" illustration, also know as Featherchild, comes in the following formats:

Art Print
Gift Pack
Kids Tank
and Women's Singlet

If you are after multiple bookmarks, please leave a comment at checkout regarding which ones you desire.