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šŸ¦…Ā You know I love quotes and this particular one Iā€™ve only just got my head around.


I myself use to think the destination was going to bring me happiness - ā€œwhen Iā€™m 18 itā€™ll be great Iā€™ll finally be able to go out with my friendsā€œ (I was a year younger than my peers)! ā€œwhen we buy a house we will be happier as it will be ours to call a homeā€ ā€œwhen we go away on holidays our family willĀ all get along and be happyā€ ........... Iā€™ve realised that I canā€™t keep waiting for my life to begin or to improve once we reach a certain point. Itā€™s now, this is life. The journey from one obstacle to the next, itā€™s up to you to make the most of it. Stop thinking it will all miraculous come together once you get to a certain point.
Can you spy Foxytrot on her journey through life?!!!
šŸ¦ŠĀ FOXY - is the Mumma Fox with her 2 wild cubs.šŸŽĀ TROT - is her kindred spirit as wild horses setting their spirit free across the land.
šŸš–The road is life, sometimes winding, going around in circles and perhaps you may even get a bit lost or go the wrong way.
ā˜€ļøThe Sun constantly sets and rises but keeps you warm and glowing.
šŸŒ“Ā The moon goes through cycle after cycle.Ā Life goes on no matter what.
šŸ¦…The Eagle takes flight and sees things from a different perspective. A Soaring heart perhaps and glides through life clasping onto the journey (literally).
šŸŒµAnd the cactus without even realising the true meaning to why I put it in there, symbolises warmth, protection and endurance. The cactus flower is a symbol of maternal love because it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions and is therefore symbolic of a mother's unconditional loveĀ šŸ’•
There you go kids. Go forth and enjoy your life, be kind to people along the way and remember to look around and appreciate where you are - in the moment when you are in it. xxxBrooke
841 x 1189 mm
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AvailableĀ in 6 different sizes:Ā 
A5 / A4 / A3Ā - 300gsm Printed on Premium Embossed LinenĀ 
(posted in a recycled sturdy padded bag, each print is individually packaged withĀ  backing board and a BOPP recyclable cellophane sleeve
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A2Ā - 260gsmĀ Satin Poster Paper
A1Ā (free shipping) -Ā Ā 260gsmĀ Satin Poster Paper
A0Ā (free shipping) - 260gsmĀ Satin Poster Paper
(posters areĀ made to order so please allow anĀ extra 5 - 7Ā businessĀ days for custom printing). They areĀ gently placed in a recycled cardboard tube, sealedĀ and then posted.

I have lovingly handĀ signed each print and theĀ watermark over the illustration is obviouslyĀ removed.Ā 

Also available as an inspirationalĀ bookmark
and an awesome sloppy joe jumper for young and old.

All artwork and concept is Ā© to Foxytrot.
NoĀ unauthorised reproduction is strictly permitted.