Goanna Card
Goanna Card
Goanna Card

Goanna Card

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In many Aboriginal cultures, the Goanna is a Creator spirit in Dreamtime stories. Unlike other species of lizards, the Gonna can't grow back its tail if it loses it.
They can survive up to 40 years in the wild.
These large lizards are fast runners, great climbers and swimmers.
They are carnivorous, most will eat any prey that they are able to catch and swallow whole. In indigenous culture the Goanna is hunted in winter, hence why i placed this illustration as June the first month of winter).

" Unity. We are one, we need each other."

All cards have been designed and printed in NSW on 300gsm Premium Embossed Linen. 

They come with an eco friendly C6 sized envelope 114 x 162mm.
Which is 100% recycled and Australian made.

Also available as an Art Print.
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