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Bare Nosed Wombats Card

Bare Nosed Wombats Card

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Wombats are amongst the world’s largest burrowing animals. They are mainly nocturnal and generally solitary creatures. They poop cubes, have ever growing teeth, use their butts as their main form of defence and can run as fast as a human!
Mums give birth to just one joey and they are each others world for a couple of years. 

Wombats are the second largest marsupials in Australia.
Their teeth keep growing continually and they are herbivores.

They can run at speeds up to 40 kilometres per hour ! 
When running away from predators like Tasmanian devils and dingos, wombats rely on their super sturdy rumps to protect them. Their rear-ends are mostly cartilage, which makes them more resistant to bites and scratches.

A group of Wombats is called a “wisdom”!!!

Wombats closest relatives are koala's as both animals have pouches that open towards the rear. The direction of the pouch means the joey is protected from dirt if the mother is digging.

"There's no wombat-er than you!" 

Hand drawn with just lead pencil, watercolours and gouache paints. 

All cards have been hand drawn and printed in NSW on 300gsm Premium Embossed Linen. 

They come with an eco friendly C6 sized envelope 114 x 162mm.
Which is 100% recycled and Australian made.
I also place each card in a BOPP recyclable cellophane sleeveSymbol Resin Code 5 PP.svg

Also available as an
Inspirational Art Print

If you are after multiple cards, please leave a comment at checkout regarding which cards you desire.

All artwork and concept is © to Foxytrot.
No unauthorised reproduction is strictly permitted.

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