Fox Inspirational Card

Fox Inspirational Card

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 The fox gives us wisdom, allows us to think quickly and adapt to our surroundings. She is sometimes cunning, but will give you guidance when facing tricky situations.

"Have a Playful Spirit"

All cards have been designed and printed in NSW on 300gsm Premium Embossed Linen.  They come with an eco friendly C6 sized envelope 114 x 162mm. 
Which is 100% recycled and Australian made. 
I also place each card in a BOPP recyclable cellophane sleeveSymbol Resin Code 5 PP.svg

Also available as an Inspirational 
Art Print
or Bag

If you are after multiple cards, please leave a comment at checkout regarding which ones you desire.

All artwork and concept is © to Foxytrot.
No unauthorised reproduction is strictly permitted.